André Azoulay Addresses the Bundestag about the Challenges Facing the Euro-Mediterranean Area

On October 19, André Azoulay, advisor to His Majesty the King of Morocco, was invited to the Bundestag as part of a conference organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to discuss “the challenges facing the Euro-Mediterranean area in the international context of today”. André Azoulay highlighted “the spiritual and temporal leadership embodied by His Majesty King Mohammed VI within the Community of Nations.”

Speaking about Morocco’s “pioneering, proactive and consensual commitment to the respect of otherness and diversities”, André Azoulay stressed the impact of the structural provisions put in place by Morocco in this perspective, by mentioning the rewriting and revision of school textbooks, including the Moroccan Jewish community as an integral part of Moroccan society, whose heritage and societal contributions are now seen as national assets.

André Azoulay invited German politicians to “take the right measure of the degree of maturity, spirit of responsibility and ethical and universal consciousness that characterize and give substance and reality to the exciting and exemplary path that Morocco has chosen to take and to prioritize.”