André Azoulay, Recipient of the Aladdin Award for Dialogue of Cultures

André Azoulay, advisor to His Majesty the King of Morocco Mohammed VI, was presented with the Aladdin Award for Dialogue of Cultures in recognition of his extraordinary contribution over five decades to peace and intercultural dialogue and understanding at the opening ceremony of the Tangier Dialogue.

One of the high points of the opening conference was the 2022 Aladdin Award for the Dialogue of Cultures that was given to André Azoulay by Leah Pisar and Project Aladdin Vice-President Bariza Khiari on behalf of the organization’s board of directors, in recognition of Mr. Azoulay’s lifetime commitment to promoting peace, tolerance and intercultural cooperation. In a moving acceptance speech, André Azoulay said: “You are gathered today in Tangier, because Morocco is a crossroads of civilizations and a model of coexistence and convergence of cultures and religions, and because Morocco has found the way and reached this consensus, which is that of a nation and a society, in the land of Islam, in the Arab world, which embraces modernity.” He added that the award was not given to him personally, but rather to his Sovereign, his people, and his country to whom this unique progress and specificity are owed.